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Send your loved ones the gift of sweet joy and health with our curated gift box!

Our fruit gift boxes are filled with a variety of curated seasonal fresh fruits. These include a selection of at least 6 different types of fruits, based on seasonal availability. These may include some of the following:

Regular Selections
- Apples : Japanese Orin Apple / Envy Apple / Rose Apple
- Melon : Rockmelon / Sapo Melon / Candy Melon / Muskmelon
- Blueberries / Jumbo Blueberries
- Avocados / Jumbo Avocados
- SunGold Kiwi
- Sweet Pear
- Green / Red / Black Seedless Grapes

Premium Selections (1-2 types)
- Ecuador Yellow Dragonfruit
- Ecuador Golden Passionfruit
- Peach
- Persimmon
- Cherry
- Apricot
- Cherry Tomato on Vines

Tropical Selections
- HK Papaya / Dole Papaya

Fruit gift boxes are made to order and assembled just before the scheduled delivery to ensure optimal quality.

Variety of fruits are dependant on seasonal supply and quality of fruits. Fruits are subject to change based on seasonal availability. Fruits in the images shown are based on past gift boxes we have done and are for illustration purposes only. While we are not able to guarantee the availability of specific fruits, we aim to deliver value and quality in each of our fruit selections.

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