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Green Apples - 1 bag

Country of Origin: South Africa

Size varies, depending on availability.
Small: 8 pcs per bag
Medium: 6 pcs per bag

Our green apples are the most popular demand variety among others type of green apple, also known as granny smith apples. It has even bright green skin and crispy juicy flesh, mainly use for baking pie. It has sour but aromatic taste but tempting to eat after a bite. Why people like green apples? Granny Smith green apples contain less carb, less sugar and more fibre and protein, even higher content of minerals like potassium, iron and vitamin K than red apples! One thing to highlight for ladies, it contains higher Vitamin A, which is twice more in it as compared to red apples. For keto diet, diabetic or people on diet, this apple definitely is taking the lead as healthier fruit choice. 

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