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Honey Pineapple - 1pcs

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Honey Pineapple originated from Sarawak Malaysia, it’s slightly smaller in size than other variety of pineapple, likewise its name, honey pineapple is sweeter than the usual variety of pineapple, when honey pineapple is fully ripe, the yellow flesh is juicy sweet with minimal acidity taste and smell aromatic. It’s very good for cooking, grilling, making tropical salad, being ingredients for local dishes, as food staple, as topping, as dessert, dressing for dishes, using for baking for pie or tart. It’s popular because of its aromatic sweetness which will level up your food taste. For diet population, it’s good to consume, because the enzyme in honey pineapple will help to burn body fat and promote body circulation, other than that, it helps to enhance body metabolism and help body for detoxification too. 

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