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Navel Oranges - 5pcs

Country of Origin: Australia / USA / South Africa 

Oranges are healthy source of fibre, vitamin C and anti-oxidants, usually oranges are widely consume by people as immunity booster to enhance the body functioning while taking vital role to defence from viruses. It’s also a good source for prevent formation of pigmentation on skin and slower down skin ageing as navel oranges can prevent skin from free radical damage if intake orange regularly and consistently, best to eat 1 orange a day. The other good thing about orange is it has a low glycaemic index (GI) thereto it helps to prevent sugar enter bloodstream quickly after meal, stability of sugar level in our body can help to control synthesis of our body fat therefore good for prevent getting more body fat in our body. Why Navel orange? Navel oranges are meaty and juicy sweet than any other variety of oranges, it’s undeniable that delicious taste of Navel orange will be the key to keep you sailing smooth and stay consistency in your journey of stay young and fit for years.

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